I am not an artist, photographer, millennial, student; I am God's child.


It all started in Los Angeles, CA in a small office space; running around my dads office delivering projects and giving my opinion. I used to think, "Who needs a kids opinion?" It is there that I realized I had some sort of creativity, and many many random ideas that people seem to enjoy. Some people told me I was very creative because I am left handed; but I think we all have some sort of creative genius in us. A few years later I bumped into my dads Digital SLR camera, snapped some pictures, uploaded them and used an amazing program called "Paint"; eventually I discovered Adobe Photoshop and realized I had spent 3 hours editing an image. Time flies every time I pick up my camera, it is as if every hour turns into a single minute; and projects turn into walks at the park. You can find me walking with my camera around Tulsa, teaching kids to swim at the YWCA of Tulsa, and carrying books at Oklahoma State University.